Spearhead Transmission Podcast

A podcast produced by two devilishly handsome dudes, Show discussion and guests vary greatly, and will be transmitted weekly. Our topics range from politics our love of freedom Armageddon aliens Illuminati plump booties & whatever pops in our minds. If you like to question everything please have a listen.

The Podcasts

Adam Kokesh from adamvstheman.com talks with ST about the abolishment of the Government,Freedom(his new global book) and the fed. Sacred Triangles stinky European Cows and of course Yoga pants enter the conversation. We want thank Adam for being a graciou
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Run&Gun, Benghazi, DC prize pigs, and Devil in Denver with Sweater Dress on riding a 30 foot demon horse!! LAMBROC WINS!!!
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Gman comes in for a visit talks War in Afghanistan. Kelly Thomas atrocity. Number Stations scare Mike. We all love Brazilian Butt Lift. 80 year old Bigfoot smokes poop to get high.
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Only you can diagnose oppression!!!
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The Spearhead Transmission wants more women listeners! This commercial will get you in the mood!!
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Nick and Mike tackle some tough subjects. Body parts falling from the sky to MK ultra participants. T shirt and East German hat contest listen for details!
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Politics authority and aliens!!
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Listen if you you don't want to made fun of!
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